Published by: Jameela Ghann
Watch this informative interview as Jameela goes over the strategies that Jordynn and Sharon from INH Hair use to create a stellar BFCM and holiday sales season.

Questions and topics that are covered in this video:

  • When to start working on BFCM strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Split testing
  • and so much more!

Key INH hair interview takeaways

  • Sharon and Jordynn work on their BFCM strategy year-round.
  • They plan on starting earlier this year vs. previous years so they have time to pivot and adjust if needed.
  • To evaluate pricing strategy, they ask themselves: “What are the best-selling products, and what’s on-hand?”
  • They also look at what customers haven’t explored and what replenishable items will cause them to fatigue.
  • This testing and research occurs year-round.
  • INH Hair has successfully taken advantage of the hype of “sold out” products.
  • For this year specifically, shipping is going to be a challenge.
  • They prep copy and auto-responses for post-purchase customer communication with a heads-up about the delay.

Retention strategies

  • INH Hair has a good retention flow that involves getting customers into different product segments and customizing what gets marketed to them.
  • Sharon and Jordynn send personalized “nurture” emails to build relationships with customers and respond to them on social media, i.e. in their VIP Facebook community.

Advertising and Communication strategies

  • Recognize the “discount bucket” and hit them with juicy promos, knowing they won’t respond to the typical email communication.
  • Focus paid ads before BFCM to get them in the funnel for better BFCM deals.
  • They’re constantly testing conversion optimization and identifying pain points on their website using

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