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Show Beautiful Widgets

Show great-looking customer review lists, ratings, photos/videos & more in your storefront.

Product Reviews Widget
Product Rating Badge Widget
Store Rating Badge Widget
Product Rating Badge Widget (Collection Page)
Customer Photos & Videos Widget (Product Page)
Counters Widget (Collection Page)
Embedded Shopper Events Feed Widget
Drag and drop

Easy customization

Easily customize any aspect of your widgets:
  • Design & location on page
  • Behavior & settings
  • Language, currency & more
Show reviews in google

Ratings show in Google

Product reviews with Fera are SEO-friendly and will show up in search engine results.
Ratings show in Google
Dont show zero reviews

No negative social proof

Showing “0 reviews” can hurt your conversions, but Fera’s intelligent system can:
  • Hide when a product has 0 reviews
  • Combine reviews for similar products
  • Show reviews from similar products
Photos and videos

Customer photos & videos

Show customer-submitted photos and videos along side reviews or on their own (all plans).
Customer photos & videos
Ab testing

Built-in A/B testing

Use science to learn which widgets are increasing your sales (and which ones are not).

Real shopper verification

Display Fera’s exclusive “real shopper” verification icon to assures customers that your reviews are real.
Real shopper verification

Easily customize anything

Any aspect of content shown with Fera is easily customizable - no developer required.
Language & Currency
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Display Conditions
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Designs & Templates
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Location on Page(s)
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Secure & GDPR Compliant Servers
World-class Live Support
Developer-friendly APIs
Super-high Speed Servers

You’re in good hands

Fera won’t slow down your site and our support team is available live almost 24/7.

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