Google Seller Ratings

Improve your click-through rates and lower ad costs by showing your store’s reviews Google Ads & Search Results.

Get your product discovered on Google

Get your product discovered on Google

49% of shoppers surveyed say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product.

Stand out to customers with average star ratings on:

  • Google Organic Search Results
  • Google Shopping Tab
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Shopping & Showcase Ads
Improve your Ad campaign performance.

Improve your Ad campaign performance.

Getting more clicks on your ad costs can be as simple as displaying your Seller Ratings (star ratings).

Google compared the click-through rate (CTR) on Ads that display Seller Ratings vs. Ads that don’t.

The Ads that displayed stars saw a 17% increase!

Showing off your Seller Ratings will help you get more clicks, improve your Quality score, and reduce your advertising costs.

Automatically Sync Reviews to Google Shopping

Automatically Sync Reviews to Google Shopping

To qualify to use Google Seller Ratings, you’ll need to collect 100 company reviews within a 12-month period for each country you operate in.
  • Grow your review count by asking past customers for reviews
    Get to 100 reviews sooner by requesting reviews from past customers with Fera’s one-time review request campaign feature.
  • Get more reviews with automatic review requests
    Let Fera take care of the hard work. Set up an automatic review request campaign once and start seeing text, photo and video submissions come in like clockwork.

How it Works

Here’s how you can show your ratings on Google with Fera.


Install Fera

Install Fera into your store. Import existing reviews if you have them.

Connect Google

Connect to your Google Shopping account and add a reviews widget with Fera.

Let Fera do its thing!

Fera will automatically sync to Google Shopping and display ratings in search results.

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