Features Manage Reviews+ Easily

Manage Reviews+ Easily

Add, import, manage and moderate your customer reviews, photos & videos with ease.

Editor ui
Import reviews

Import existing reviews & media

Import existing reviews from other product review apps within minutes.
Approve or decline content

Approve or decline submissions

Approve or decline content submitted by your customers before it shows on your site.
Approve or decline submissions
Store replies

Reply to reviews

Show your store really cares by responding to your reviews (both positive and negative).

Show real shopper verification

Fera will provide 3rd party verification for real buyers to increase customer trust in your reviews.
Show real shopper verification
Product groups

Group similar products reviews+

Combine customer reviews, photos and videos across similar products by creating product groups.
Secure & GDPR Compliant Servers
World-class Live Support
Developer-friendly APIs
Super-high Speed Servers

You’re in good hands

Fera won’t slow down your site and our support team is available live almost 24/7.

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83% of customers need to see reviews before buying - act now!

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