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Candle production is one of the fastest-growing industries within the home decoration sub-niche. Even though it might sound absolutely shocking - it's completely true!

We were surprised to discover that this sector has managed to reach $6.8 Billion in 2021 and is predicted to grow to $9.9 Billion by 2028.

In order to take a part of this booming niche, you will need to fully optimize your Shopify website and optimize it to the fullest.

But, with so many things on your plate, how can you possibly find the time to figure out everything?

Well, don't worry - there are a lot of third-party apps that can make the entire procedure a lot more convenient for you.

Plus, most of them are free (or have a free trial), so you won't need to pay anything.

In our article, we will be highlighting some of the best Shopify apps for candle makers.

What Are The Best Shopify Apps for Candle Makers?

Before we begin with our in-depth review, let's have a quick look at the best Shopify apps for candle makers:

  1. Shogun Page Builder
  2. Hextom Free Shipping Bar
  3. Fera Product Reviews
  4. Secomapp SEO Booster
  5. Outfy - Automate Social Media
  6. Sorted Returns Center
  7. Gigilabs Page Slider & Gallery

Best Apps for Candle Makers

1. Shogun

Shogun Page Builder 4.8 stars with 2,900+ reviews

With Shopify, you can create and design your own store in just a few minutes. But, if you really want to impress all of your shoppers, then you should definitely consider installing the all-mighty Shogun Page Builder.

This app allows you to make stunning and fast-loading storefronts per your individual requirements. It's packed with multiple features and even has a 10-day free trial offering.


Why You Need Shogun Page Builder:

  • Use the drag & drop page builder and add various elements to your site
  • Develop custom elements by employing optional HTML and Java Script
  • Save anything you create as a multifunctional snippet and ruse it any time

Shogun Page Builder Pricing:

  • Build Plan ($39/month) - Customizable page builder, 30+ page templates, SEO controls, and email support.
  • Measure Plan ($99/month) - Everything on "Build Plan" + full analytics suite, content scheduling, A/B testing, and live chat support.
  • Team Plan ($299/month) - custom elements, special data collections, and bookable video support.

Type Of Candle Maker Stores Shogun Page Builder Is Best For:

It is perfect for store owners that want to improve the appearance of their store.

2. Hextom

Hextom Free Shipping Bar 4.9 stars with 10,900+ reviews

Believe it or not - offering free shipping is one of the strongest incentives you can offer to your customers right now. It can help you boost your sales conversions and attract new visitors to your website.

With the assistance of the Hextom Free Shipping Bar, you can easily set up a beautiful-looking banner and notify all your visitors about the offer. There are even a few modifications that this app offers for a personalized user experience.


Why You Need Hextom Free Shipping Bar:

  • Display your "free shipping" offers in a nice, customizable bar on your site
  • Track the performance and see which shipping bar generates the most sales
  • Simple installation and setup procedure - no development required

Hextom Free Shipping Bar Pricing:

  • Basic Plan (Free) - Customizable banner, multifunctional device targeting, special page targeting, hyperlinking, emoji support.
  • Premium Plan ($9.99/mo) - Everything on "Basic Plan" +unlimited active bars, geo-location targeting, auto currency switcher, full bar customization options, auto-scheduling, and in-depth statistics.

Type Of Candle Maker Stores Hextom Free Shipping Bar Is Best For:

It's mostly fitting for store owners that are capable of offering free shipping to their shoppers.

3. Fera

Fera Product Reviews 4.9 stars with 4,700+ reviews

Fera Product Reviews is essential for any candle store. It allows you to collect, manage, and display all types of reviews in just a few clicks (text, photo, or video).

You can even import reviews from several different platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Etsy. The app is incredibly simple to use and comes with a ton of functionalities that will certainly make the process much more enjoyable.

Fera Product Reviews

Why You Need Fera Product Reviews:

  • Approve or decline customer reviews before they appear on your page
  • Display average consumer rating on each product page listing
  • Automatically send fully-customized review requests to your consumers
  • Employ multi-store sync to share the reviews across different websites

Fera Product Reviews Pricing:

Smaller Options:

  • Free Package - 10 individual review requests and 1 operational widget.
  • Startup Package ($9 per month) - 100 individual review requests and 3 operational widgets.
  • Small Package ($29 per month) - 1,000 individual review requests and 10 operational widgets.
  • Medium Package ($99 per month) - 10,000 individual review requests and 20 operational widgets.

Larger Options:

  • Semi-Large Package ($199 per month) - 25,000 individual review requests and 30 operational widgets.
  • Large Package ($299 per month) - 50,000 individual review requests and 50 operational widgets.
  • X-Large Package ($599 per month) -100,000 individual review requests and 100 operational widgets.
  • Enterprise Package ($999 per month) - 500,000 individual review requests and 200 operational widgets.

Type Of Candle Maker Stores Fera Product Reviews Is Best For:

Fera is perfectly suitable for professional candle stores looking for enterprise-level solutions at reasonable prices!

4. Secomapp

Secomapp SEO Booster 4.9 stars with 2,700+ reviews

If you want a better chance of ranking in the top spots of Google search, you should certainly consider installing Secomapp SEO Booster. Not only will this app help you optimize your entire website, but it will also make it a lot faster than before.

So, you're actually hitting two birds with one stone.

Search Pie

Why You Need Secomapp SEO Booster:

  • Enhance the speed of your page by using their multifunctional smart features
  • Optimize all of your website elements (text, link, and images)
  • Access to detailed SEO statistics & insights about your entire candle website
  • Get step-by-step guidance videos and documents for additional support

Secomapp SEO Booster Pricing:

  • Free Package - Complete SEO report, special meta tags, alt-text, 50 image compress, instant page, regular snippets, pro sitemap, and multi-language live chat.
  • Pro Package ($39/month) - All the features on "Free" + auto meta tags, auto alt-text, auto-fix broken links, and full listing index.
  • Unlimited Package ($79/month) - All the features on "Pro" + long URLs, keyword research, customized snippets, optimized mobile page, customized service, and many more.

Type Of Candle Maker Stores Secomapp SEO Booster Is Best For:

This app is best for owners that want to make their site more visible in search engines.

5. Outfy

Outfy - Automate Social Media 4.8 stars with 1,200+ reviews

The candle business hits hard on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. So, if you want to take a piece of the pie, then you must promote your products on your business social page.

Outfy can make the entire procedure easier for you!


Why You Need Outfy - Automate Social Media:

  • Create better hashtags and expose them to a wider audience
  • Announce a sale by using some interactive templates and elements
  • Post automatically to all of your social media followers

Outfy - Automate Social Media Pricing:

  • Free Forever (FREE) - Instant product posting, scheduled product posting, and essential functionalities.
  • Starter ($15/month) - Everything on "Free Forever" + primary live support, auto product posts, manually post collages, and GIFs.
  • Pro ($30/month) - Everything on "Starter" + auto collage posts, auto GIFs, promotional sale posts, manually create and post product videos.
  • Ultimate ($60/month) - Everything on "Pro" + auto product videos, auto content mixing, and priority live support.

Type Of Candle Maker Stores Outfy - Automate Social Media Is Best For:

Primarily suitable for candle maker stores that are active on their social media platforms.

6. Sorted

Sorted Returns Center 4.6 stars with 410+ reviews

Even if you do your best - there will be some customers that won't be completely satisfied with the quality or packaging of your candles. So, in order to properly handle all those returns, you will need some help.

The Sorted Returns Center is the most suitable app for this job.


Why You Need Sorted Returns Center:

  • Control and automate all of your returns in a single, intuitive dashboard
  • Select from USPS or Collect+ shipping rates or utilize your own carriers
  • Create branded customizable email notifications for your customers

Sorted Returns Center Pricing:

  • Free - 20 returns a month, a customizable portal, pre-made policy, and consumer email updates.
  • Silver ($20/mo) - 100 returns per month, all features in "free," auto label generation, return windows, and special translation.
  • Gold ($50/mo) - 300 returns per month, all features in "silver," return picture upload, specific rules, auto refunds, auto exchanges, and store credit.
  • Platinum ($500/mo) - 3,500 returns per month, all features in "gold," portal styling assistance, tech support, and more.

Type Of Candle Maker Stores Sorted Returns Center Is Best For:

Suitable for business owners that want to keep their returns completely organized.

7. Gigilabs

Gigilabs Page Slider & Gallery 5.0 stars with 210+ reviews

In order to present your candles in the best light, you will need to create a comprehensive product gallery album. This way, your viewers can easily swipe through all of the images and see every aspect of the candle.

The Gigilabs app is certainly the best option for this. It replaces your regular product page with a neat slider and doesn't require any kind of coding or professional experience.


Why You Need Gigilabs Page Slider & Gallery:

  • Enhance the overall appearance of your each product page
  • Integrate with the current theme on your website - automatically
  • Create a seamless experience for both desktop users and mobile users
  • Make all of your product images shine and sell more

Gigilabs Page Slider & Gallery Pricing:

  • Pro Package ($8.99 per month) - You will be able to configure different thumbnail settings, customize the sliders & arrows, group variant pictures, zoom by clicking, and add video graphics.

Type Of Candle Maker Stores Gigilabs Page Slider & Gallery Is Best For:

This app is mostly ideal for candle stores that want to present their products in the most appealing way possible.


Whether you're someone that's just starting with candle production or you already have a fully-established business, the above-mentioned apps can definitely help you grow and establish your brand even further.

Each of them have individual characteristics and benefits - so be sure to go with the ones that are most suitable for your requirements.

*All information is based on the Shopify app store listings as of January 2023.

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