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Researching and finding the best product review platform for your online store can be difficult and it's hard to know where to begin.

So we did all the work for you!

Here is a list of the best product review platforms that we gathered.

All the information we collected is organized into pros and cons.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Every Shopify Store Needs Product Reviews

Why you need a product review platform for your eCommerce business:

  1. Boost your conversion rates.
  2. Increase your sales.
  3. Build trust with all website visitors.
  4. Prove that your business is reputable and legitimate.
  5. Strengthen your connection and relationship with your customers.

Let go in depth on the best product review apps for Shopify.

#1 Fera Product Reviews Shopify App

The Fera Product Reviews app allows you to earn the trust of your customers & improve your conversions by showing your shoppers how great your product is with Product Reviews, Photo Reviews, Video Reviews & Testimonials.

Fera Shopify App Listing

Fera Product Reviews Pros:

  • Collect & display product reviews, photos, and videos
  • Offer incentives to customers for reviews, photos, and videos
  • Cash Back
  • Loyalty Points
  • Discounts
  • Send automated review request emails
  • Display reviews on your store with
  • Product reviews
  • Testimonial carousel
  • Average rating badge
  • Photo/video wall
  • Group products to simplify displaying reviews
  • Full customization

Fera Product Reviews Cons:

  • A limited number of admin users
  • Limit on review requests & widgets
  • No developer customization until you are on a higher plan

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

#2 - Product Reviews helps you collect and display star ratings and reviews about your products and Shopify store.

Judge.Me Shopify App Listing Pros:

  • Unlimited review requests for any plan
  • Offer coupons to customers for photo and video reviews
  • Has a free plan
  • Full review request customization in the paid plan Cons:

  • Free trial for the paid plan only for new upgrades
  • Must be on the paid plan for photo and video reviews

#3 - Product Reviews UGC

Built specifically for Shopify retailers of all sizes. is a highly-rated customer marketing platform with all the tools you need to capture and showcase high-impact customer content throughout their buying journey.

Stamped.Io Shopify App Listing Pros:

  • Send review requests through SMS
  • Offer incentives to customers for photos and videos
  • Has a free plan
  • 10+ display widgets Cons:

  • Limited/short free trial
  • Need the business plan for video reviews

#4 - Loox Product Reviews, Photo Reviews

Loox enables small and large brands to automatically collect customer reviews with photos and beautifully display happy customer content.

Loox Shopify App Listing


Loox Pros:

  • Send automatic review request emails
  • Offer discounts to customers for photo reviews
  • Display reviews in galleries, review carousels, popup widgets, and review sidebars

Loox Cons:

  • Need the pro plan for full customization
  • Less value for money in review requests per month
  • No free plan
  • No video reviews

#5 - Shopify Product Reviews

Shopify Product reviews allow you to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you and each other to encourage sales.

Shopify Product Reviews Shopify App Listing


Shopify Product Reviews Pros:

  • Easy customization
  • Free app

Shopify Product Reviews Cons:

  • Basic features
  • Can only import existing reviews with a CSV file
  • Not able to send or automate review requests
  • No photo or video reviews

Which is the Best Product Review App for My Shopify Store?

We can't tell you exactly which product review app is best for you!

However, now that you have gone through the pros and cons of each product review platform, you will have a better understanding of which option will be best for your eCommerce business!

Download a review platform today to start seeing the benefits of gathering and displaying product reviews effectively on your website.

Don't waste any time and start today!

If you are interested in trying our Fera Product Reviews App, you can try it free for 14 days!

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

*All information is based on the Shopify app store listings as of December 21st, 2020.
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