Published by: Jameela Ghann
If you missed the sweet presentation we gave about using social proof to build loyalty, you are in luck. There is a video of it is here!

[Webinar] Use social proof to build loyalty and generate more sales

This presentation is all about how you can use social proof to make more sales and encourage loyalty...
FYI: this presentation was part of the webinar 'Building out Amazon-like Post Purchase Experience' that we did with ShipBob, Returnly, Route and Blue Stout.

What Was Covered in the Original Webinar

How to:
  • Run a logistics infrastructure as if you were
  • Leverage social proof to sell more and build loyalty
  • Create post-purchase emails to grow your brand
  • Provide an Uber-like delivery experience
  • Build a product returns experience like no other
Download all the slides from the presentation here

Post Purchase Experince Webinar

'Social Proof to Build Loyalty' Notes

Hello, I’m Jameela Ghann, I own the Shopify store Alora Boutique. We have been selling jewelry for over 7 years and selling online for about 4. I am also the Marketing Manager for Fera Social proof, an app for your
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • or any other custom platform store
We help you manage, display and gather social proof in order to build trust with your customer

What we are going to talk about

This presentation is all about how you can use social proof to make more sales and encourage loyalty We’ll cover
  • What social proof is
  • Why it is so powerful for
    • generating sales
    • Building loyalty
  • How you can gather social proof
  • How you can display social proof
  • How Fera can help

Starting Question: What type of social proof are you using on your eCommerce store?

  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Photos and Videos
  • Sales Popups and Counters
  • None, but I want to start!

What is social proof?

Social Proof is the concept that people will change their behaviour based on the actions of an influential person or society at large. They do this to copy the ‘right’ behaviour in any given situation. “When a person is in a situation where they are unsure of the correct way to behave, they will often look to others for clues concerning the correct behaviour.” “People conform because they ‘believe that others’ interpretation of an ambiguous situation is more accurate’ than theirs.” Even if that means that they will skip Thanksgiving dinner to get a TV they don’t need.

Examples of social proof

  1. Reviews (what your customers write about you)
  2. User-Generated Photos (photos your customers take either on social on via an app)
  3. Slide 20: Inline Social Proof/FOMO (shows the number of buyers, or watchers of a certain product)
  4. “As Seen On” Badges (shows your credibility in the mainstream media)

Why social proof is so powerful

Useful for generating sales

  • Boosts your conversion rates
  • Helps your brand overcome customer objections in an authentic way

Stats to back up these claims

  • About 77% of customers read a review before making their purchase.
  • 90% of people say that their buying decisions, whether or not they buy your product, are influenced by the reviews they read.

Useful for building loyalty

Customer referrals give you the social proof to acquire customers and help you retain and engage people who are close to becoming loyal to your brand. Think of social proof and loyalty as a two way street with your customers driving content your way on one side and you driving incentives to encourage loyalty on the other side.

How To Gather Social Proof?

We’re going to focus specifically on gathering reviews and user-generated content as a brand. User-submitted images provide authenticity. Even if the camera they’re using is old, or the lighting isn’t the most appealing, having user images lets others know that someone has already taken the time to purchase the product, open it up, test it out, and share results.

If you want to drive social proof, you should be doing everything you can to

  1. Encourage your customers to give you a review
  2. Share your product in use with you
  3. Create an emotional connection with you
  4. Engage with you on social media

How do you get user-generated content?

  1. Ask for a photo on product delivery
  2. Start by creating a special hashtag for your brand

Ask for a photo on product delivery

Everyone is excited when they receive a package, it's a great time for you to ask for a photo. UGC shows the emotions (excitement) connected with your brand and can inspire some first time purchases from others who want the thrill of the package delivery too. There is nothing better than buying online and getting a gift from yourself show up on your doorstep, so take advantage of that. To help motivate that delivery photo, you can make up inserts or business cards that say something like “Take a selfie with your new jewelry and email it to us @[email protected] and we’ll send you a free bracelet in the mail.” 

What incentives you can offer?

  • Discounts on future purchases for honest reviews.
  • Free promotional items.
  • Items that complement a customer’s purchase at a discounted or “promotional combination price.”
Remember, the more you ask from a customer, the more inventive you have to offer!

Create a unique hashtag

You’ll quickly build a loyal online following by featuring your customers on your website and social media. Doing that will strengthen your brand community and get you more sales over time! People really love to be featured and this is a great way to generate loyalty and addition photos from customers

How To Gather, Manage, Display Social Proof?

Use Fera

A platform like Fera allows you to offer incentives for reviews, gather your photos and videos in the back end and then display them anywhere you want to on your website in a point and click manner. Photo, video, and product reviews the perfect tool for both acquiring and engaging customers after the purchase process with your marketing strategy. With the value of your products at the forefront, reviews get potential members excited not only to try your products but also to get to know the awesome people who are already part of your community. Driving social proof with a loyalty program is the best way to create a viral loop that keeps customers coming back and helps you to acquire new customers through your existing ones. Demonstrating social proof on your website is an authentic way to market your products and connect with your audience.

Gather Social Proof

You can use Fera to gather social proof with our updated and easy backend and offer specific incentives like the ones I mentioned above. I just want to make a note you should never be scared to post negative reviews because it makes your reviews seem more authentic.

Verified by Fera

Fera also has a verification system that allows your shoppers to know that the data was verified by Fera!

Manage Social Proof

You can manage all your social proof content in the backend too.

Display Social Proof

You can easily display your social proof content on your website anywhere using Fera :)

Easy Reporting

We have great reporting for you to see how much revenue your social content is influencing and much more We have a lot of customers that are benefiting from adding social proof to their website and we integrate with ANY shopping platform.

Ending Question: What type of social proof do you want to start displaying?

  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Photos and Videos
  • Sales Popups and Counters
  • I don't have any social proof :(

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