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Published by: Guest Post - Krystal Lam

It’s about to turn into the most wonderful time of the year!

And this year’s holiday season is expected to be a bountiful one for retailers. 🎄

A recent study by Deloitte projects that holiday sales will increase up to 9% this year, totaling $1.3 trillion!

While this time of year is both exciting and exhausting for busy businesses, we can’t forget about the importance of our impact on the planet, either.

Custom noissue Tissue by @typoflora

♻️ It’s no surprise to see eco-friendly packaging become a rapidly rising requirement for shoppers.

Nowadays, 67% of consumers deem it important that the products they buy come in sustainable packaging, and 54% consider sustainable packaging before purchasing from a brand.

Conscious consumers are more motivated to support a brand with a sure commitment to sustainability. And sustainable packaging is swiftly becoming a major priority to young, mission-driven shoppers.

74% of consumers aged 18-34 are likely to purchase a product if it and its packaging are eco-friendly.

noissue kraft mailer
noissue Kraft Mailer and custom Tissue by @todaysmodernbebe

💡 Want to switch to more environmentally friendly methods this season but don’t know where to start?

Below, we’ve outlined the steps to take to become a more eco-friendly business during the holly, jolly holiday rush!

One of the easiest ways to lessen your environmental impact is to switch to more sustainable packaging options.

Fortunately, eco-friendly packaging comes in many different and affordable forms without sacrificing quality - so you can pick and choose the right ones to use for your business.

noissue Compostable Mailer
noissue Compostable Mailer by @shop_swk

Compostable packaging is a popular choice when making a move toward being more eco-conscious.

Since compostable packaging can be broken down when properly composted, either commercially or at home, this form of packaging won’t contribute to waste that ends up in landfills.

100% compostable options, like flexible poly mailers, kraft paper mailers, and boxes, are made from compostable plant material like recycled paper or biodegradable polymers (PBAT) and completely break down in 90 days when properly composted.

To go inside your packages, compostable tissue paper is a fun way to fill up any empty space and add an extra layer of branding to your customer’s unboxing experience.

noissue art.iisan
Custom noissue Tissue by @art.iisan

Give materials already in use another life out of landfills through recycled packaging.

Using recyclable packaging will show your customers your business’s solid commitment to sustainability by avoiding single-use plastics and non-renewable materials.

Recycled materials are usually non-new or virgin plastic that gets combined to become as good as new.

Packaging using these kinds of materials can be reintroduced back into circulation and often with an extended lifespan.

100% recycled mailers and padded mailers are reliable packaging options that customers can recycle or even repurpose beyond a one-time use.

noissue Recycled Padded Mailer
noissue Recycled Padded Mailer by @sarahandbendrix

For gift packaging that keeps on giving, reusable packaging can serve multiple purposes.

The ideal way to avoid generating waste is to be intentional about your packaging materials and the amount necessary to adequately protect your products.

Avoid overfilling with unnecessary buffers or plastic packing peanuts, which are usually made from non-renewable materials that overflow landfills.

Instead, think about how your customers can reuse any part of your packaging – like tissue paper that can double as your brand’s print publication or organic cotton tote bags that can be repurposed for daily (and branded!) wear.

Custom noissue Tote by @chandlersbooks

noissue Custom Tote
Custom noissue Tote by @chandlersbooks

This holiday season, encourage your customers to choose more earth-friendly shipping options.

As you green up your packaging, don’t forget to prepare your business’ shipping well in advance for orders to arrive at awaiting doorsteps on time sustainably!

Providing environmentally-friendly shipping options is a wonderful way to lessen your business’s carbon emissions.

Slower shipping times are also growing in popularity among environmentally-conscious shoppers. In a survey carried out by Sifted, they found that 87% say they would pick more eco-friendly shipping options and longer shipment times if offered – read the full report here! 

Do keep customers informed on expected shipping times, and include information about your earth-friendlier shipping choices where possible.

noissue Sturdy Packaging
Make sure your products are protected in sturdy, eco-friendly packaging that can stay safe during shipment!

Offset your business’s carbon footprint by participating in reforesting initiatives.

The global commerce and shipping industry accounts for 3% of the world’s carbon emissions, which continues to grow at a rapid pace each year – so it’s important to offset your carbon footprint as much as you can at every step of the process.

A great way to do this is by participating in reforesting programs that plant trees to counter the negative impact of carbon emissions.

The Eco-Alliance by noissue actively plants a tree for every order placed, so your business can turn to eco-friendly packaging options and help reforest the planet!

Join noissue
Join noissue’s Eco-Alliance, which will plant a tree for every order of your brand’s custom packaging!

That’s a wrap! 🎁

Add some seasonal joy to your packaging this year without contributing to waste that’ll end up in landfills!

Your customers will appreciate this step in becoming more earth-conscious while lessening their environmental impact when shopping from your business.

Starting with sustainable changes to your packaging will resonate with your eco-conscious shoppers during the holidays and beyond!

By sharing your brand’s sustainability goals through greener options, you’re already a step ahead in the right direction this season.

custom noissue
Custom noissue Tissue by @art.iisan

And don’t sweat the season’s greetings – you’ve got a helping hand in customizing your eco-friendly packaging with noissue!

Start with low minimums and customize your suite of seasonal and earth-friendly packaging to sleigh your holiday sales.

Discover dashing tissue paper, merry mailers, and more, or upload your own design for packaging that packs your brand’s holiday punch!

Krystal Lam noissue
Krystal Lam is a content writer at noissue.

Want to find compostable, reusable or recycled packaging for the holidays? 

noissue lets you design your own branded eco-friendly tissue paper, stickers, tape, and more. 

Simply upload your design, logo, or illustration, and we’ll do the rest. 

Learn more about our packaging options here.

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