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As a reliable coach or consultant, you're helping many companies and entrepreneurs advance their businesses and get to the next level a lot easier.

But are you focusing on your growth as well?

Many consultants and coaches tend to focus so much on their clients that they end up sacrificing their own business.

In order to spread your word and extend your reach, you will need a reliable contact system in place.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market on the internet. It converts 3x better than social media or any other advertising platform.

However, with hundreds of options on the Wix App Market, finding the most suitable app can be anything but simple.

Well, don't you worry about a thing.

In our article, we will be going through the best apps for coaches and consultants in 2023.

So, let's not waste any more valuable time and jump at our first app on our exclusive listing - shall we?

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

The Best Email Marketing Apps For Coaches & Consultants

Privy Email Marketing

Privy Email Marketing 4.1 stars with 19+ reviews

Let's begin our list with our top email marketing app on the network. From automated cart emails to exit-intent-driven pop-ups, Privy has everything you need to collect more clients and grow your coaching or consulting business.

Prixy Wix

Why You Need Privy Email Marketing:

  • Send auto-responders and reminder messages to your new subscribers
  • Mobile-friendly displays that contain unique banners and announcements
  • Target your email campaigns based on cart value and website behavior

Privy Email Marketing Pricing:

  • Free Packet (Free) - Up to 100 email contacts, treating rules, unlimited pop-ups, Privy branding.
  • Starter Packet ($15/mo) - Up to 250 email contacts, newsletters, special pop-ups, and support.
  • Growth Packet ($45/mo) - Everything on “Starter Packet” + 3,000 email contacts, after-signup emails, broadcast texts.
  • Conversion Only Packet ($70/mo) - Everything on "Growth Packet" unlimited pop-ups and free shipping bars.

Type Of Wix Sites Privy Email Marketing Is Best For:

Perfect for Wix coaches and consultants that want to improve their conversions.

Mailchimp Email Marketing

Mailchimp Email Marketing 4.0 stars with 21+ reviews

Next up on our premium list, we have the one and only Mailchimp. This app can boost sales and increase your conversion rates through the power of email marketing.

You can set up everything in just a few minutes with a one-click installation.

Mailchimp Wix

Why You Need Mailchimp Email Marketing:

  • Customize your email request to gain better response rates overall
  • Sync all of your current contacts with Mailchimp and import them to your list
  • Automate your abandoned email campaigns for better conversions

Mailchimp Email Marketing Pricing:

  • Free Plan - Collect 100 newsletter subscribers, send info on 40 orders and 40 carts, and use pop-up form signups.
  • Basic Plan ($3.99/mo) - Collect unlimited newsletter subscribers, sync your existing contacts, send info on 40 orders, and send info on 40 carts.
  • Advanced Plan ($5.99/mo) - Collect unlimited newsletter subscribers, sync your existing contacts, sync order, and send abandoned cart information.

Type Of Wix Sites Mailchimp Email Marketing Is Best For:

Both start-ups and professional consultants can use this email marketing app.

Fera Reviews

Fera Reviews 4.9 stars with 1,500+ reviews

By using Fera Reviews, you can send different review requests to all of your consumers in just one simple click. It comes with various functionalities, including customization options, review management, display widgets, incentives, import tools, and a ton more.

You will be able to explore all of them once you install the application to your Wix store.

Fera Reviews Wix

Why You Need Fera Reviews:

  • Create your review requests and customize them to match your brand appearance
  • Showcase all of your reviews and ratings on your official websites in seconds
  • Easily arrange all of your reviews from your intuitive dashboard channel

Fera Reviews Pricing:

  • Smaller Plans:

    • Free - Up to 10 distinct review propositions and 1 active widget bar.
    • Startup ($9/mo) - Up to 100 distinct review propositions and 3 active widget bars.
    • Small ($29/mo) - Around 1,000 distinct review propositions and 10 active widget bars.
    • Medium ($99/mo) - Over 10,000 distinct review propositions and 20 active widget bars.
  • Larger Plans:

    • Semi-Large ($199/mo) - Up to 25,000 distinct review propositions and 30 active widget bars.
    • Large ($299/mo) - Up to 50,000 distinct review propositions and 50 active widget bars.
    • X-Large ($599/mo) - Up to 100,000 distinct review propositions and 100 active widget bars.
    • Enterprise($999/mo) - Up to 500,000 distinct review propositions and 200 active widget bars.

Type Of Wix Sites Fera Reviews Is Best For:

Suitable for top-notch consultants and coaches looking for high-level solutions

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Omnisend Email Marketing

Omnisend Email Marketing 4.7 stars with 13+ reviews

Omnisend Email Marketing is an all-in-one app that offers access to beautiful pre-built templates, worldwide SMS, simplified pop-ups, abandoned cart notes, and one-click Wix integration.

Omnisend Wix

Why You Need Omnisend Email Marketing:

  • Expand your subscription list by employing intriguing signup forms on your site
  • Engage all your current subscribers with professional-looking email forms
  • Drive sales on autopilot with a wide of pre-made automation workflows

Omnisend Email Marketing Pricing:

  • Free Package - You will get access to some of the most essential features of the app.
  • Basic Package ($3.99/mo) - You get most of the basic features with this package.
  • Advanced Package ($5.99/mo) - This packet offers access to all features.

Type Of Wix Sites Omnisend Email Marketing Is Best For:

It's excellent for coaches and consultants that are just starting out.

Klaviyo Email Marketing

Klaviyo Email Marketing 5.0 stars with 13+ reviews

With the help of the all-mighty Klaviyo Email Marketing, you will be able to collect new subscribers from any page on your Wix site and sync them through certain labels.

The app is incredibly easy to manage and has seamless integration with your Wix website.

Klaviyo Wix

Why You Need Klaviyo Email Marketing:

  • Create various Wix forms and acquire new subscribers to your listing
  • Activate advanced email segmenting and retrieve all your lost customers
  • Take advantage of all the tracking functionalities and analyze your campaigns

Klaviyo Email Marketing Pricing:

  • Free Plan - 100 free subscribers, pop-up signup forms, and basic functionalities.
  • Basic Plan ($3.5/mo) - Unlimited contacts, sync existing contacts, and most premium functionalities.
  • Advanced Plan ($6/mo) - Unlimited contacts, sync contacts and orders, and all premium functionalities.

Type Of Wix Sites Klaviyo Email Marketing Is Best For:

Sites that want to grow their email list through beautiful newsletter signup forms.

OnVoard: All-In-One Marketing

OnVoard: All-In-One Marketing 4.8 stars with 4+ reviews

OnVoard is a 6-in-1 marketing app that will help you grow your final revenue with minimal work. It features over 15 different workloads and has a crucial customization tool for a better experience.

OnVoard Wix

Why You Need OnVoard: All-In-One Marketing:

  • Manage all your crucial email campaigns with the built-in editor tool
  • Improve your average order value rate by using functional upsells
  • Welcome new users with a special discount code for their initial purchase

OnVoard: All-In-One Marketing Pricing:

  • Free Plan - AOV progress bar and fundamental email marketing functions.
  • Gold Plan ($29/mo) - You will gain access to all the functionalities in this application.

Type Of Wix Sites OnVoard: All-In-One Marketing Is Best For:

Users that want to boost their AOV through email marketing.

Smoove Email Marketing

Smoove Email Marketing 2.9 stars with 9+ reviews

Smoove is a high-grade marketing automation app that will boost your business by strengthening relationships with all your customers.

It is pretty effective and simple to install.

Smoove Wix

Why You Need Smoove Email Marketing:

  • Add a convenient signup function to your site and build your mailing list
  • Create Workflows that will help you retain buyers and keep them satisfied
  • Send beautiful-looking newsletters and capture leads with unique landing pages

Smoove Email Marketing Pricing:

  • Free Packet (Free) - Up to 1,000 emails per month, landing pages, online courses, CRM, personal content tools, and support.
  • Premium Packet ($9.99/mo) - Unlimited emails, premium landing pages, dynamic content tools, lead analysis, online courses, CRM, and A/B testing.

Type Of Wix Sites Smoove Email Marketing Is Best For:

Excellent for stores that are searching for a simple email marketing solution.


Just remember - picking the ideal email app as a coach or consultant will make a tremendous difference in the success of your marketing campaign.

Positively, by following our guide, you will be able to find the right one for your requirements.

*All information is based on the Wix app store listings as of January 2023.

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