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Fera Integration

We've got exciting news!

Fera and Klaviyo have an integration! Now you can send follow up emails through Klaviyo when a customer leaves a review through Fera.

What does Fera Product Reviews do?

Fera helps boost your on-site conversions by gathering and presenting customer purchase feedback (text photos and videos) that you can display on your store's

  • home page

  • product page and

  • collection page

What does Klaviyo do?

Klaviyo is an email marketing service for Shopify that allows ecommerce stores to send out personalized email campaigns based on metrics and triggers such as

  • past purchases

  • viewing history

  • past interactions (like leaving a review!)

The Integration

As of now, Fera and Klaviyo have officially begun working together to offer their customers an even better experience.

In this post, we will be highlighting all the important features of this integration, the benefits for your business, talk more about the Klaviyo platform, and how you can activate the integration on your own.

Fera Integration Klaviyo

With the Klaviyo and Fera.ai Integration, you'll now be able to create powered-up campaigns & automated emails using social proof that can better target your customers and generate improved results.

You’ll be able to reach the ideal customer with the right content, at the right time, by using UGC data to create more targeted and effective email campaigns that are enriched with highlights from your best reviews!

Features Of The Integration

Let’s see a few of the most critical features of this integration and how it can help your business.

Integration Features

1. Reach past customers efficiently

With this integration, you can follow up with past customers that leave reviews through Klaviyo and manage your reviews in Fera. This means that you can use both platforms together to achieve major results for your eCommerce business.

2. Automate email flows based on review scores

By using Fera.ai's custom form feature, you can automate segments/flows to better target specific customers depending on the action they performed.

Here are a couple of examples:

Reply to Good Reviews

Send a “thank you“ follow-up email or ask for referrals from all the customers who submitted a good and positive review.

Get Back to Customers That Leave Bad Reviews

Send “sorry to hear” follow-up emails to all the people who left a poor review and try apologizing to them by offering consultation and finding out the reason they left a poor review.

Here is a guide on how to respond to both positive and negative reviews.

3. Thank Your Customers for the Photo/Video Reviews

Thank you

If your customer goes that extra mile and gives your product a photo or video review, then you can show your gratitude to them by sending them an automated email to show how you appreciate their opinion and time.

Analyze and uncover customer trends

Email Integration

Sync customer segmentation data (location, etc) with Klaviyo in order to make a better customer experience. This will allow your business to uncover new trends and take a better/different approach to your customers.

Add social proof to the emails

You can also add your top customer reviews in your email campaigns along with product announcements for customers that leave good reviews.

This will provide your business with a great social proof approach to your emails and can definitely result in better sales conversions.

When your potential buyers see that other people are happy with the product or service, they are more likely to make the purchase decision!

Benefits of The Integration:

Fera Integration Klaviyo Benefits

  • It will help you in improving your overall brand consistency

  • Your business will be capable of sending customized review emails via Klaviyo

  • Make automated email flows depending on the customer reviews & attributes

  • Enjoy the features of both platforms combined together

More About Klaviyo


Klaviyo is a marketing service that allows you to deliver a more personalized experience to your customers across multiple owned marketing channels like an email, SMS message, in-app notification, and sign-up form.

This platform will scale with you no matter how much your company grows — so you can start from scratch and turn into a multi-million company without Klaviyo slowing down your process.

How To Activate The Integration?

Forget a complicated setup. With Fera.ai, you can dive in on day one with ready-to-use integrations.

  1. Go to “Integrations” from the top right.

  2. In the Klaviyo box, click the “Connect” button.

  3. Follow displayed instructions to copy/paste the Public and Private API keys of Klaviyo.

  4. After pressing the “Save” button, the system will connect and show a green light referring to Connected status.

  5. If you’re experiencing any type of problems or have some kind of questions about the brand-new Fera & Klaviyo integration, then just contact our customer support, and we will get back to you ASAP.

And that's it!

We genuinely hope that you see how valuable this integration is to us and especially how it will help our customers.

Fera.ai lets you connect Klaviyo so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most — no code required.

What are you waiting for?

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