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Marketing automation is definitely one of the most important things in eCommerce. It can increase your operational efficiency and save a lot of time.

So, in order to assist you in the whole setup, we’re announcing the all-new integration with a popular email marketing platform called Omnisend.

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About Omnisend

Omnisend is a popular marketing automation platform that’s used by thousands of businesses.

It offers great convenience and has impressive features.

With Omnisend, you will be capable of driving more sale conversions on autopilot, improving your niche targeting, and staying consistent.

You can choose between various pre-made workflows or design your own message by using the editor.

The signup procedure takes a few minutes, and the entire interface is incredibly easy to use. So, even total beginners can start using the app.

Omnisend is available in the most popular eCommerce platforms and integrates with over 30 third-party apps.

There are both free and paid packages.

About Omnisend

Benefits of the Integration of Fera with Omnisend

When a customer leaves a review through Fera, the data will be sent directly to Omnisend, as shown below.

  • Rating - The value of the review. It can range from as low as 1 up to 5.
  • Title - The main title of the review.
  • Description - The content of the review. This can even include images and videos.
  • Picture - The picture of the customer.
  • Name and URL - The name and URL of the products.

By creating various triggers, you can segment your customers and create a more personalized response on Omnisend.

Send Gratitude Messages To Positive Reviews

If the value of the review is 4-star or 5-star, then Omnisend will automatically send a personalized email to your customer and express how much your business is pleased with their review.

This type of action will make your shoppers feel special and motivate them to continue purchasing from your brand.

Send Special Emails To Customers That Left Image or Video Reviews

62% of buyers are more likely to purchase if they see images or videos of other consumers.

Now, that’s something that you shouldn’t really miss out on…

In order to stimulate these types of reviews, you need to send a separate email and even include some kind of discount.

Send Constructive Responses To Negative Reviews

Segment the reviews that have a rating value of 1 - 3 stars and send a constructive response to improve their customer experience.

Just remember - these reviews are incredibly important, so read them carefully and try to find a solution.

How To Use Fera With Omnisend?

In order to start using this integration, you will be required to install both of the apps.

This help document will cover the entire setup procedure and all the factors you need to bear in mind.

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