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In the world of internet shopping, the competition is just one short click away.

So, in order to stand out from all the others and further boost your total sales conversions, you should consider personalizing the customer experience by adding personalization to your products.

What is Product Customization?

If you didn’t already know, product customization is a special feature that gives your buyers a chance to completely modify your product by following their requirements and preferences.

They can easily choose from several different text dimensions, colors, shapes, and many more.

The best way to do this is by using some of the apps that are available on the Shopify app store.

But, with a number of choices available, it can be hard to find the best ones for your store, and we know as an eCommerce store owner, you have a ton of other things that you need to complete.

So, in an effort to significantly cut down your research, we've gone through a ton of different options and managed to create a list of the best-choice Shopify apps for customer personalization.

Let’s get started, shall we?

8 Best Shopify Product Customizer Apps in 2024

Shopify Product Customizer Apps

  1. Infinite Options
  2. Product Options & Customizer
  3. Variant Product Options
  4. Zepto Product Personalizer
  5. Customily
  6. Qstomizer - Custom Products
  7. Inkbay - Product Personalizer
  8. Fera Product Reviews

1. Infinite Options

Infinite Options 4.8 stars with 3,800+ reviews

The ShopPad Infinite Options is unquestionably one of the highest-rated product customization apps launched on Shopify. It allows consumers to use unique design options for each product.

They can add and customize text headings, dates, shapes, images, specific checkboxes, and many more (the list goes on and on).

best product customizer apps variants shopify

Why You Need ShopPad Infinite Options:

  • Add a ton of different customization options to your business products
  • Add extra fees for particular services or add-ons (product bundle)
  • Have complete control over the placeholders and default values of the product
  • Get access to a reliable customer team available for any kind of inquiries that you might have

ShopPad Infinite Options Pricing:

  • Professional Package ($12.99) - With this package, you will get unlimited options, POS support, swatches, product bundles, and all input types
  • Note: The app also comes with a 14-day free trial. Thanks to this, you can quickly test it out and determine whether you want to continue or not

Type Of Stores ShopPad Infinite Options Is Best For:

The app is perfectly suitable for businesses that want to take their product personalization to another level.

2. Product Customizer

Product Options & Customizer 4.7 stars with 1,400 reviews

As you can see, the previous one was a paid app. So, if you’re looking for a free variant, then you should certainly get the almighty Product Options & Customizer.

Product Options & Customizer comes with a ton of different product customization options and even has an easy installation process - just download it to your store and start using it immediately.

best product customizer apps variants shopify

Why You Need Product Options & Customizer:

  • Show or hide specific functionalities by using the conditional logic feature
  • Determine which product options are required and which are optional
  • Compatible with most of the Shopify themes on the page builder

Product Options & Customizer Pricing:

  • Free Plan - 1 Product, Product options fields & variants, 10+ field types, File uploads
  • Basic (19.99/month) - Unlimited Products, Product options fields & variants, 10+ field types
  • Premium ($49.99 to $99.99) - The premium plan offers unlimited variants, premium options, upcharge pricing, special file upload, and live chat.

Type Of Stores Product Options & Customizer Is Best For:

Suitable for people that are just starting out with their eCommerce business but have big intentions for growth.

3. Variant Product Options

Variant Product Options 4.6 stars with 900+ reviews

Trusted by over 16,000 stores, the Variant Product Options app offers an intuitive, easy-to-use experience and is perfectly suitable with literally any product that you might have, including t-shirts, mugs, hats, phone cases, and many more.

Provide your consumers with the experience they deserve!

best product customizer apps variants shopify

Why You Need Variant Product Options:

  • Set up specific pricing for certain product customization options
  • Apply global settings for all of your superior product offerings
  • Integrate the app with a ton of different Shopify apps and experience full potential

Variant Product Options Pricing:

  • Starter (Free) - The starter plan offers you access to some of the most fundamental functionalities
  • Basic ($9.99 per month) - Unlimited options, clickable buttons, image swatches, text boxes, picture upload, and multi-select
  • Advanced ($19.99 per month) - Everything in “Basic” + conditional logic and price add-ons

Type Of Stores Variant Product Options Is Best For:

Excellent for business owners that want to offer customers a simple yet powerful product customization process.

4. Zepto Product Personalizer

Zepto Product Personalizer 4.8 stars with 800+ reviews

The Zepto Product Personalizer is definitely one of our personal favorites on the listing. It provides great versatility and allows you to set up individual layers for different product options.

Simple and effective - these are the words that can better describe this app.

best product customizer apps variants shopify

Why You Need Zepto Product Personalizer:

  • Customers can build images in high-quality formats for better production
  • Make some individual tabs for minimal designs (columns tab, column lists, row tabs)
  • Add some custom CSS to perfectly match the theme of your website

Zepto Product Personalizer Pricing:

  • Starter ($9.99/mo) - Up to 50 personalizable product offerings and access to some essential tools
  • Basic ($19.99/mo) - Up to 200 personalizable product offerings, price add-ons, conditional logic
  • Moderate ($29.99/mo) - Up to 500 personalizable products
  • Unlimited ($49.99/mo) - Unlimited personalizable products

Type Of Stores Zepto Product Personalizer Is Best For:

Perfect for most mid-range eCommerce businesses (regardless of the niche).

5. Customily

Customily 4.8 stars with 150+ reviews

Customily is the most complete solution for product personalization. It has unlimited customization options, such as adding text, uploading images, choosing fonts and colors, monograms, clipart collections, and much more! 

With this app, your customers will be able to create their own products while seeing a live preview of it. 

best product customizer apps variants shopify

Why Do You Need Customily:

  • Show live and realistic previews of products
  • Get unlimited personalization options for products: text, images, fonts, monograms, textures, and more!
  • Access to features like  map personalizer, portrait cartoonizer, and free clipart collections
  • Receive ready-to-print files in different formats with the order’s designs ready for fulfillment.
  • Connect with POD suppliers such as Printify and Printful to automate the work.

Customily Pricing:

  • 9-day FREE trial, then USD 49 monthly + usage fee (not sales commissions!)

Type Of Stores Customily  Is Best For:

Customily is the best solution for any business that wants to sell personalized products. From t-shirts to furniture or even cars! Merchants can personalize ANY kind of product!

6. Qstomizer

Qstomizer - Custom Products 4.9 stars with 280+ reviews

The Shopify platform has a particular limit of 3 options and 100 variants. But, don’t worry - you can easily get past that with the assistance of Qstomizer - Custom Products.

This app offers unlimited customizations and offers a wide selection of options.

best product customizer apps variants shopify

Why Do You Need Qstomizer - Custom Products:

  • Attach some intriguing ready-to-use design samples for all of your customers
  • Your customers can save their work and continue modifying design whenever they want
  • Automatically translate the options to your customer’s preferred language
  • The customization options are accessible on any device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone)

Qstomizer - Custom Products Pricing:

  • Basic Plan ($9.99 per month) - Unlimited customizations/views, up to 25 products
  • Advanced Plan ($29.99 per month) - Unlimited customizations, 50 products
  • Professional Plan ($49.99 per month) - Unlimited customizations, unlimited products & orders, API

Type Of Stores Qstomizer - Custom Products Is Best For:

It is ideal for stores that want to increase their conversion rate through personalization.

7. Inkbay

Inkbay - Product Personalizer 4.9 stars with 250+ reviews

Moving further down, we have the brand-new and redeveloped version of the Inkbay - Product Personalizer.

It features a product configurator and visualizer - thanks to this, you will be able to provide your consumers with the best visualizing & personalizing experience possible.

best product customizer apps variants shopify

Why Do You Need Inkbay - Product Personalizer:

  • Customers will be able to easily see their design changes through the product window
  • Receive complete vector files and design details for every product order
  • Control the inventory of your personalized products directly from the app
  • Configure the customization pricing depending on your business needs

Inkbay - Product Personalizer Pricing:

  • Starter Package ($19.99/month) - 0% commission rate, 5 GB of storage, 10 product customization, 30 customer orders in total every month, 2 print sides, and basic support
  • Advance Package ($49.99/month) - 20 GB of storage, around 100 products, 200 orders on a monthly basis, inventory control, design idea, product options, 4 print sides, and live support
  • Professional Package ($99.99/month) - 100 GB of storage, 2,000 orders per month, full inventory control, unlimited print sides, design idea, discounts, product options, live support, and white label
  • Unlimited Package ($249.99/month) - Everything in the “Professional Package” + unlimited storage, unlimited product orders, and 36-month order access

Type Of Stores Inkbay - Product Personalizer Is Best For:

Stores that want to create a memorable user experience for customers.

8. Fera

Fera Product Reviews 4.9 stars with 5,400+ reviews

Even though this is not a product customizing app, it’s incredibly essential for your business. With the assistance of their image and photo reviews, customers will be able to show off their unique product customizations in a much more creative way. Not only will this massively boost your sales, but it can also have a positive impact on all your future visitors.

Plus, this app even has a free plan - so it’s certainly something that you should really consider adding to your store.

best free shopify apps 2024

Why Do You Need Fera Product Reviews:

  • Encourage customers to submit photo reviews of their custom products
  • Create and display attractive customer review widgets in a few clicks
  • Moderate all of the review submissions from one convenient dashboard
  • Offer discounts or points to customers that decide to share their review
  • Optimize your reviews and get a better Google search rank position

Fera Product Reviews Pricing:

Smaller Plans:

  • Free Plan (Free) - 10 special review request submissions and 1 multifunctional widget bar
  • Startup Plan ($9/month) - 100 special review request submissions, 3 multifunctional widget bars, and complete customization
  • Small Plan ($29/month) - 1,000 special review request submissions, 10 multifunctional widget bars, and advanced product collection
  • Medium Plan ($99/month) - 10,000 special review request submissions, 20 multifunctional widget bars, and priority support

Bigger Plans:

  • Semi-Large Plan ($199/month) - 25,000 special review request submissions, 30 multifunctional widget bars
  • Large Plan ($299/month) - 50,000 special review request submissions, 50 multifunctional widget bars
  • X-Large Plan ($599/month) - 100,000 special review request submissions, 100 multifunctional widget bars
  • Enterprise Plan ($999/month) - 500,000 special review request submissions, 200 multifunctional widget bars

Type Of Stores Fera Product Reviews Is Best For:

Perfectly fitting for both start-up companies and professional organizations.


There you have it, folks - all of the apps mentioned above have their own unique traits and level of customization.

With the right app, you will be able to provide your customers with the best-personalized experience possible and help them make unique creations in just a few moves.

*All information is based on the Shopify app store listings as of January 2024.

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