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Whether you sell your flower products online or you have a physical store in your local area, you can definitely benefit from creating a Shopify website.

Not only does it allow you to easily connect with new customers, but it also increases the brand's reputation.

Shopify is a platform that has been used by over 2 million businesses!

Their drag and drop tools allow you to easily design your own eCommerce store without any kind of experience whatsoever.

But, once you start receiving orders, everything becomes a lot harder...

You will need to keep track of your inventory, communicate with your customers, share their opinions on your brand, optimize your website, and a lot of things that can get pretty daunting as time goes by.

Here's a quick preview of the best apps for florists on Shopify.

There are a number of Shopify apps that can help you with all of the assignments and make things easier for you.

In our article, we will be slowly traveling across some of the highest-rated apps for your flower shop.

We are sure you'll track down the perfect app that fits your requirements and preferences!

1. Fera Product Reviews

Fera Product Reviews 4.9 stars with 4,700+ reviews

Apart from the overall price tag and type of flower, the product reviews are certainly the most influential factors for your buyers. With the assistance of Fera, you will be able to collect more reviews, build trust, and earn higher conversions.

Fera Product Reviews

Why You Need Fera Product Reviews:

  • Customize the widgets to blend in with your website style and feel
  • Set up an automated review request to make things easier for you
  • Conveniently manage all of your customer reviews on your flower store
  • Offer rewards like discounts, points, or even cash incentives

Fera Product Reviews Pricing:

  • Smaller Bundles

    • Free Package Deal - 10 original review submissions and 1 live widget.
    • Startup Package Deal ($9/month) - 100 original review submissions and 3 live widgets.
    • Small Package Deal ($29/month) - 1,000 original review submissions and 10 live widgets.
    • Medium Package Deal ($99/month) - 10,000 original review submissions and 20 live widgets.
  • Bigger Bundles

    • Semi-Large Package Deal ($199/month) - 25,000 original review submissions and 30 live widgets.
    • Large Package Deal ($299/month) - 50,000 original review submissions and 50 live widgets.
    • X-Large Package Deal ($599/month) - 200,000 original review submissions and 100 live widgets.
    • Enterprise Package Deal ($999/month) - 500,000 original review submissions and 200 live widgets.

Beautiful, simple reviews for your site

Easily collect, show & grow customer reviews, photos & videos for your business.

Type Of Flower Stores Fera Product Reviews Is Best For:

Ideal for flower stores that want to collect and display their reviews with ease.

2. Searchanise

Searchanise Smart Search & Filter 4.7 stars with 1,400+ reviews

Next up on our top-tier listing, we have the Searchanise Smart Search & Filter.

This app allows your customers to get quick and relevant search results depending on their initial requirements. It is packed with a ton of different functionalities and doesn't require any kind of coding skills.


Why You Need Searchanise Smart Search & Filter:

Create custom filters for your florist website (flower type, price, availability)
Show personalized search results for the best customer experience
Boost the overall order valve with the help of upsells and cross-sells

Searchanise Smart Search & Filter Pricing:

  • Starter Plan (FREE) - Search widget, unlimited requests, and product labels.
  • Pro 1 Plan ($14/mo) - Everything on "Starter Plan" + smart filters, merchandising, keyword-based redirects, quick view, and all-time analytics.
  • Pro 2 Plan ($27/mo) - Everything on “Pro 1 Plan” + langify integration and filters on collections.

Type Of Flower Stores Searchanise Smart Search & Filter Is Best For:

Business owners that want to simplify the searching procedure for their customers.

3. Gorgias

Gorgias - Live Chat & Helpdesk 4.4 stars with 54 0+ reviews

By implementing Gorgias - Live Chat & Helpdesk to your website, you will be able to provide your customers with quick service throughout the entire day.

The app integrates with the most prevalent social media channels, emails, and phones - saving you both time and money.


Why You Need Gorgias - Live Chat & Help Desk:

  • Manage all of the customer conversations in one specific place
  • Respond to your customers instantly by using the live chat feature
  • Set up automated responses for some of the most common inquiries
  • You will be able to cancel, refund, or make orders in the app itself

Gorgias - Live Chat & Helpdesk Pricing:

  • Basic Plan ($60/month) - This package has 300 tickets per month included.
  • Pro Plan ($360/month) - The plan offers up to 2,000 tickets per month.
  • Advanced Plan ($900/month) - Up to 5,000 tickets per one month.

Type Of Flower Stores Gorgias - Live Chat & Helpdesk Is Best For:

Flower stores that want to increase their engagement with their consumers.

4. MLVeda

MLVeda Auto Currency Switcher 4.8 stars with 5,400+ reviews

Moving further down, we have the updated version of the MLVeda Auto Currency Switcher.

This specific app will automatically display the main currency of the visitor by viewing their geographical location. Even though it's a small detail, it can greatly impact your sales conversions.


Why Do You Need MLVeda Auto Currency Switcher:

  • Detects the location of your customers by using up-to-date technology
  • Buyers can easily switch between several currencies for their own convenience
  • It is perfectly compatible with the "multi-currencies" function from Shopify Payments

MLVeda Auto Currency Switcher Pricing:

  • Free Package - 200+ ISO currencies, free UX customization, and multi-currency checkout.
  • Premium Package ($9.95/mo) - Everything in "Free Plan" + IP-based country detection, country flags, round converted prices.

Type Of Flower Stores MLVeda Auto Currency Switcher Is Best For:

Businesses that want to expand their horizon to the whole world.

EnormApps Image Gallery + Video 4.9 stars with 430+ reviews

As you know, images can be incredibly essential for eCommerce businesses - particularly for flower shops.

This app allows you to create beautiful image or video galleries and place them on your website for all of your visitors to see.

Not only will this grab their attention, but it will also help them make the decisive choice much faster.


Why You Need EnormApps Image Gallery + Video:

  • Upload several images/videos from your desktop's folder in just one go
  • You can pick from several different layouts (square, original, masonry)
  • Protect all of your images and videos by disabling right-click function for viewers
  • The media files are loaded directly from the CDN - this ensures better speed performance

EnormApps Image Gallery + Video Pricing:

  • Free Plan - 1 image & video gallery and access to most basic functionalities (hover effects, light box, captions).
  • Basic Plan ($1.99/mo) - 1 image & video gallery and access to all basic functionalities (lazy loading, no branding, customization).
  • Premium Plan ($4.99/mo) - 6 image & video galleries and access to most premium features.
  • Advanced Plan ($9.99/mo) - 9 image & video galleries and access to all premium features.

Type Of Flower Stores EnormApps Image Gallery + Video Is Best For:

Websites that want to present their products in a more appealing way.

6. UpperCommerce

UpperCommerce Parcel Order Tracking 5.0 stars with 910+ reviews

The UpperCommerce Parcel Order Tracking app allows your customers to detailly follow the condition of their shipment through the branded tracking page.

Thanks to this, they will feel a lot more secure when purchasing flowers from your website and will probably return for more as well.


Why Do You Need UpperCommerce Parcel Order Tracking:

  • Keep your customers up-to-date with the help of SMS and email messages
  • Automatically generates the whole tracking details for your customers
  • Perfectly suitable with all of the Shopify themes and most of the devices

UpperCommerce Parcel Order Tracking Pricing:

  • Free - Access to 1,000 couriers, personalized tracking page, smart dashboard, and native notifications.
  • Essential ($9/month) - Everything in "Free" + estimated delivery time, custom order status, upsell & cross-sells, and smart analytics.
  • Professional ($49/month) - Everything in “Essential” + automatic translation, CSV export, developer webhook.
  • Enterprise ($399/month) - Everything in "Professional" - dedicated tracking channel, monthly account review, custom integration, dedicated support.

Type Of Flower Stores UpperCommerce Parcel Order Tracking Is Best For:

Mainly fitting for stores that want to provide their consumers with a nice post-purchase experience.

7. TinyIMG

TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer 5.0 stars with 1,100+ reviews

Speaking of images - did you actually know that over 26% of the searches happen on the "Google Image" platform?

That's why you need an app that will help you optimize all of your flower images in just a few clicks. And one of the best options on the entire App Store is the all-mighty Booster SEO & Image Optimizer.


Why You Need TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer:

  • Focus on other aspects of your business while the app automatically optimizes your images
  • Reduce the overall loading time of your web page by compressing images
  • Properly fix some of the most common technical SEO issues on your website

TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer Pricing:

  • Pay As You Go (Free) - 50 image optimizations per month and essential features.
  • Monthly Plan ($9.99/mo) - 1,000 image optimizations per month and access to most features.
  • 24 Months ($1.99/mo) - 5,000 image optimizations per 2 years and access to premium features.
  • Special Offer ($19.99/mo) - 3,000 image optimizations per month and access to premium features.

Type Of Flower Stores TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer Is Best For:

Business owners that want to drive more organic SEO traffic to their websites.


Shopify is definitely one of the most reliable platforms for selling flowers, and its apps are the main reason for that. They come with a ton of different unique functionalities that can enhance your business operation and boost your overall conversions.

Positively, you will be capable of taking down the most suitable app from our official listing. As always, we wish you the best of luck on your exceptional eCommerce journey!

*All information is based on the Shopify app store listings as of January 2023.

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