ToastiBar - Sales Popup

Elevate Sales with FOMO & Social Proof: Sales, Add-to-Cart, Product Reviews Notifications & More!

About ToastiBar - Sales Popup

Enhance Your Sales with ToastiBar: Dynamic Displays of Sales, Cart Activity, Product Reviews, and Beyond!

ToastiBar - Sales Popup and Fera

Shopify merchants can boost credibility, trust, and sales effortlessly. ToastiBar app seamlessly integrates Fera product reviews into popups, enhancing the shopping experience.

When you integrate ToastiBar and Fera, you'll be able to:
  • Automatically showcase product reviews upon their arrival.
  • Easily import/export your review list.
  • An effective tool to highlight your customers' feedback and elevate your product's reputation!

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We've partnered with MakeProSimp to help you and it will increase your site's revenue, conversions and sales.



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