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What's the point of Social Proof Feeds/Popups and why use them?

Social Proof feeds and pop up notifications are used to briefly display recent customer actions in your store, such as recent purchases and when customers begin a checkout. A lot of customers tend to notice popups more, especially when they are browsing your site. This social proof helps to show the popularity of your site, as well as actual proof that there are customers on your site buying things.

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Social Proof Builds Trust doesn't allow you to create fake social proof, it only uses actual events from your store, which means your customers are more likely to trust you. This creates the same feeling you get in a brick and mortar store where you can see what customers are doing and buying and see what is popular.

Social Proof Recreates the Instore Buying Experience

Adding social proof to your store will make it more likely for a customer to buy your product(s). Displaying social proof online is like being in a retail store and
  • seeing other people looking at items
  • watching people checking out at the counter
  • withness products flying off the shelves.
Social proof helps create those same feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out) - just in an online sense!

Social Proof Feeds v Social Proof Popups

Social Proof Feeds Versus Social Proof Popups

The Social Proof Widgets that offers allows merchants like you to display social proof popups on your eCommerce site. You might have noticed that means offers TWO social proof (SP) widgets.
  1. The original Social Proof Feed Widget
  2. The Social Proof Popups Widget.
The major difference between these is that Social Proof Feeds are by default embedded into your products page(s). You can also enable them to pop out, however, they will still only display on the product page. The Social Proof Popups will display on any page of your site as the customer browses around your site. Popups are similar to other apps like: FOMO, UseProof, Beeketing, etc. There are 2 different types of social proof: feeds and popups. We'll go into the difference below and why you may want to choose one type over the other.

What are Social Proof Feeds?

Social Proof Feeds Example

Social Proof Feeds display on the product page about a certain product when other customers are doing things related to the product.

The Social Proof Feed notifications only appear on the product page, and they are defaulted to embed into the page unless you set them to popup instead.

What are Social Proof Popups?

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Social Proof Popups allow you to easily add notifications anywhere on your website that shows up whenever any shoppers perform actions like buying a product or adding a product to their cart. These are different than the Social Proof Feed notifications because they show up on all pages of your site.

How does Social Proof work on my site?

Social Proof for is defined by the following events:
  1. Add to cart events
  2. Purchase events
  3. Wrote a review

Choose what shopper events to display

Within the 'Widget' in the app, you can change these settings in the Content tab to include:
  • order notifications
  • add to cart notifications
  • wrote a review
  • or any combination of those 3 options

Social Proof Popups Content Tab

Set a lookback period

You can also set a lookback period that tells the system how far to check back for these events. The lookback tells the system how far back to include events. So if you set this to the default of 24 hours and it's currently 3 PM, it will show all add to carts and purchases from yesterday at 3 PM until today at 3 PM. If someone ordered at 1:30 PM yesterday, then that 'event' would not be included as an SP notification on your site.

Settings for Social Proof

Fera allows you to customize all aspects of the Social Proof popup notifications. You can
  • change the color
  • add a border
  • show the product image
  • display the buyer's image and so much more!

Customize Behavior  

Social Proof Popups Behavior Tab

You can also set different behaviors for the notifications. Within either of the widgets, you can tell the app
  • how many notifications you'd like to display
  • how long to wait before showing the same notification
The customizations for social proof also includes the
  • max # of notifications to show per page load
  • animation of the popup
  • delay before or between the notifications.
These behaviors and designs allow you to customize the notifications to your site and brand!

Set conditions and triggers

Social Proof Popups Conditions Tab

Set the conditions and triggers for your social proof widgets. Here you are also able to set the priority for this widget (higher number = higher priority).  

Choose the right social proof for your store

Now you have the information to choose between a social proof pop up and a social proof feed to build trust in your online store. You can try Fera 30 days for FREE when you click the button below.

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