Lots of eCommerce store owners are looking for an alternative to UseProof or their new product “Pulse Proof” especially since it doesn’t integrate well with Shopify! Every store is different and each store needs the right social proof app to help it boost its conversions. If you are a Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento store owner looking to switch away from Useproof you are in the right place!

One issue for users is that the download of Pulse Proof isn’t easy. You need to enter your work email to get further into the process rather than simply clicking and adding the app to your eCommerce site. UseProof seems to be available for sites like: WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, but not for one of the biggest eCommerce platforms out there-Shopify! Fera Social Proof has the option to be added to Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce as well as its set up to be able to add the widgets to any custom web-based eCommerce site. We personally think that it makes life a bit easier when you’re trying to set up your online business to download a new app with the quick click of a button!

But don’t just take our word for it- look at this handy chart to see the best Useproof and Proof Pulse alternative – Fera Social Proof

Proof (UseProof) vs Fera
See why 10,000+ Store Owners Installed Fera Instead of Fomo!
Fera Logo Proof Logo
Shopify Reviews 4.9 stars (2623 reviews) Not a Native Shopify App
Easy Installation
Live Visitor Count
A/B Testing
Custom Rules and Timers
Multiple Languages
Dedicated Support
Pricing and Plans
Trial Offer 30 Days 14 Days
Starter Plan $ 9/month $ 29/month
Small Plan $ 29/month $ 79/month
Medium Plan $ 99/month $ 129/month
Large Plan Custom $ 199/month
Unlimited Visitors?

Proof (UseProof)


  • Custom plans to support your site based on unique visitors and if you want Experiences vs. Pulse
  • 14-day free trial
  • Helpful support team!
  • Hot streaks to show how many visitors did an activity in a specified time period
  • Live visitor count to show scarcity
  • Show recent activities that occurred on your site
  • A/B testing ability
  • Dashboard with site analytics
  • Zapier integration, or use a custom webhook
  • Lightweight Javascript for fast loading times

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Fera Social Proof


  • A 30-day free trial is helpful for new businesses
  • Create content that's unique to users based on their activity on your site
  • 10+ languages supported out of the box
  • You get so many widgets to help display social proof like:
    • low stock viewer counter,
    • social proof feed,
    • testimonial popup
    • recently sold counter
  • Use A/B testing to see if widgets are actually increasing conversions and helping your sales
  • Track shopper journeys to see what customers are doing
  • Fera tracks your data for you to suggest which widgets to try out
  • Downloading and setting up is easy
  • Pre-built widgets for easy set-up
  • No branding on widgets!
  • Great customer support and are easy to reach if problems arise
  • A great blog and useful help articles to edit widgets on your own

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Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9 stars with 2623 reviews Download Fera Social Proof for Shopify