If you are sick and tired of having to leave your favourite app to see what devices and browsers the majority of your customers are using you are in luck! Never leave the Fera app again! We recently added handy browser and device icons to the shopper journey page, so you can quickly gather more information about who is visiting your website.

Shopper Journey Ecommerce Ai

Why Shopper Journey Device and Browser Information Is Important

This information is really important for you to pay attention to because it helps you do the following
  1. Identify your most valuable customers
  2. Inform your advertising efforts
  3. Improve the buyer experience

Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

According to Marketing Charts 'cross-device users are more valuable' than single device users. Why? because they give you additional valuable data when they view more products and pages on your website. These customers can help you “reveal crucial insights into customer behavior that might influence [your] decisions about how to personalize experiences or adjust marketing approaches.” Read More on Smartphones and Ecommerce Journeys Here

Inform Your Advertising Efforts

If you notice that 80% of your customers are visiting your website on their mobile phone, you can probably stop wasting your money on delivering your ads to desktop users. If you look at it from an advertising point of view "more granular device targeting options make it possible to reach a carefully selected audience that is the most likely to engage with [your] ads," Device Atlas

Improve Your Buyer Experience

Let's say that the vast majority of your customers are desktop users (75%+) you can create a rich experience for them that you couldn't for your mobile users. You can create strong, high-resolution hero images and videos. Or you can create rich functionality that can't be used easily on a mobile phone. When you know this information, it makes it easier to put the customer first. If you don't have the Fera App, you can download it 30 days for FREE! If you do, take a look at your shopper data today to make better business decisions.