I am an avid online shopper. 

I love everything about it...the convenience, the selection. 

The fact that no one can mistake my small stature for a child while searching through the women's section. 

As such a lover of online shopping, I feel like I am the PERFECT study for any marketing and sales tactic. 

I can tell you from personal experience that increasing urgency is a fantastic way to boost sales. (Hello, last pair of shiny pink ballet flats!) 

They say the longer someone deliberates over a purchase, the more likely they'll talk themselves out of it. As a sufferer of buyer's remorse, I cannot tell you how many times I've talked myself out of a buy. 

But, if I know that there are only a few items left, you better believe I'm going to snatch those up! 

This sense of urgency is something that you want to create for your store. As odd as it seems, you actually want to give your shoppers a slight push of anxiety. 

I like to think of it like this: Say you're buying an airline ticket to Tahiti. You've done your homework, you've found the flight with the best price with your favorite airline. Suddenly, you see there is only 1 ticket left on the flight! 

You know you're going to whip out your credit card and pay up; you can't miss out on getting that last ticket! Here is the thing to remember, though. Yes, creating a sense of urgency is a great way to boost conversion and sales. 

But, there is a fine art to showing just the right amount of urgency to gently nudge shoppers in the right direction. 

Enter Fera.ai. Fera.ai offers great widgets for your eCommerce store for creating that sense of urgency. 

Enough to push a customer to purchase, but not too much to scare them away! 

Choose from a variety of widgets like countdown timers, low stock warnings, and showing recent shopper activity.

Cart Timers

Cart timers kickstart the urgency when visitors to your store have added items to their carts. (Check out how it looks in the image below! Great, right?) 

This helps when you have stock that does disappear quickly. It also reacts to the individual shopper, not restarting if they leave the page or refresh.

Cart Timer

Low Stock + Viewer Count and Social Proof Popups

You can show other customer data with the 'Custom Purchase + Viewer Counter in Product Detail' Widget and the 'Show Social Proof Popups Widget'. 

This neat widget allows you to create urgency by showing how popular an item is to your customers. 

You can even show off how many purchases the item has, and how many viewers are currently looking at your items.

Stock Product Counter Skill

Use the Social Proof Popups to have your own customers sell to other shoppers! 

Recent purchases and add to carts are tracked, and shows actual customer activities and actions are happening on your site. 

Why not have your customers do all the hard working selling for you?

Social Proof Skill

Tidio Chatbots

Still have concerns about urgency or customers having issues and questions? 

Well you can always include chatbots. 

An app like Tidio helps you boost your conversion rates by allowing you to communicate with your customers, recover abandoned carts and answer any questions they have about your products. 

Remember, customers accept everything immediately, and nudging them along to a sale boosts conversions and makes sure your customers are getting the products they want!

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