Every store owner will face issues with conversion at some point or another. It may be easy to get traffic and visitors to your site, but trying to convert those visitors into sales can be extremely difficult. Consumers don't know what they want, they're indecisive, and they can take time to make a decision.

Can I Exaggerate My Urgency Numbers

Creating urgency on your eCommerce site can be a great way to combat these issues. But there comes another issue-how much urgency is too much, and if you should add urgency to everything? And is it ever okay to exaggerate my urgency numbers or fake urgency?

What is urgency?

Urgency in the eCommerce world is creating a sense of insistence or need to do something and make a decision quickly. This can be done in many different ways online, and many social proof apps on eCommerce platforms help you accomplish this. Fera.ai creates urgency by adding timers in your cart, having a get it by timer on products, or even by offering sales timers that countdown to important sales or events.

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What are the problems with urgency?

As we asked before: is it okay to fake urgency? The short answer is no. You want to ensure you're using urgency with caution on your eCommerce store. It can look 'scammy' or fake, and this makes both your urgency ineffective, and it hurts your store's and brand's overall image. In today's digital media era, consumers are more and more cautious with their data and will be more suspicious of your urgency techniques, especially if they are coming across as fake or 'scammy.' Make sure that you are implementing urgency in a helpful way, and that engages the customer or visitor.

What to avoid

Fake Data

Avoid any apps or add-ons that let you fake any data. Shopify and other platforms have come down hard on fake apps or those that steal your data. But with new apps and hundreds of add-ons out there, it's quite hard to monitor everything, and some site owners want the ability to manipulate data. If you're worried about there being no data and that looking worse - don't.

Fake Urgency Shopify

Customers appreciate honesty, and it is better to display three real people viewing your product than 300 fake ones. It is like the 'influencers' on Instagram, no one likes the people with 50K fake followers. It makes them seem inauthentic and desperate for attention. Nobody has time for fake people!

Removing Data

There's nothing worse than finding an item and going to check reviews to see that they're all positive, or that a store owner has edited out negative reviews. Not everyone is going to love products, and sometimes it's useful to see real comments about things someone might have issues with. If you don't have reviews, you can 'hide' the bar that shows 0 reviews, or 0 stars so that it doesn't show up, but don't delete or remove negative reviews. Doing so makes it seem like you have something to hide, and it comes across as disingenuous.

Tools that don't work

Don't add tools to your site that don't work. For example, you want a timer that actually counts down.

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You don't want something that is counting down how much time you have left to buy, or to a discount code expiring if it refreshes with page loads. It makes your urgency seem fake or as if it doesn't actually work. You want a dynamic tool that recognizes unique visitors and tracks the countdown. One that actually goes away or has a timeout message when the timer hits zero! You should NEVER fake your urgency, if you need tips on getting product views and reviews and increasing traffic, then check out these useful resources. Resource #1: How to Get Customer Reviews Resource #2: Getting Quality Traffic to Your Shopify Store Resource #3: Creating And Adding Genuine Urgency