Retaining Seasonal Shoppers

In this video, Darren from Klickly and Jameela from talk about all the things that you need to be doing to retain those seasonal shoppers.

Here are the things that they covered!

#1 – Implement a loyalty program

How To Test A Loyalty Program

If you are looking to retain seasonal shoppers, try enticing them to stick around with a loyalty program. Loyalty programs like, Referal Candy, and Loyalty Lion are all top contenders in the loyalty space. Just remember, it costs significantly less to get an existing customer to buy again than to acquire a new customer. That’s why you should encourage customers to
  • follow you on Facebook
  • spend more to get points
  • refer a friend
Here is a good example of Lash Cash via Loyalty Lion. Remember, you want your customers to become brand evangelists and word of mouth marketers for you!

Loyalty Programs

#2 – Create a follow-up email sequence

One of the important tried and tested ways to retain seasonal shoppers is revolutionary. It’s by saying “thank you” and confirming the purchase.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Retaining Seasonal Shoppers Follow Up Email Example

Go a step further add something extra — elaborate on your story (like Jameela does) or offer a discount for a future purchase and not forget to communicate as if it’s a one-on-one basis.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Retaining Seasonal Shoppers Follow Up Emails1

The proof is in the pudding. Jameela frequently gets customers buying after a thank you message is sent. FYI, she uses Kit (by Shopify) to send her thank you messages, but you can also use
  • Omnisend
  • MailChimp
  • Klayvio

#3 – Retargeting ads

Retargetting your BFCM visitors is a great way to stay top of mind in the lead up to Christmas and into the New Year. However, make sure that you are mindful of frequency — you don’t want to overload them with a bunch of ads! If you are too aggressive, you could deter future purchases. Just have your frequency high enough to be a loving reminder for your visitors to remember that you exist.

#4 – Plan your offers and discounts

Start planning and setting up your discounts and offers now. Be sure to align your discounts with your margins and customers’ expectations. Different types of businesses can get more aggressive with their discounts since they have a higher LTV or better margins with their products.

#5 – Choose how you want to communicate with your customers

You have to give your customers a way to contact you so that they can ask you questions about your product or promotions that you have going on. Depending on the size of your business, you can use one or all of the following types of communication channels with your customers
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Direct messages (Instagram
  • Phone
  • Etc

Black Friday Cyber Monday Retaining Seasonal Shoppers Retention And Customer Support Chat Bot

When choosing your channels, just make sure that you have clear, on-brand messaging across channels and respond in a timely manner.

#6 – Update your FAQs

Many people want to utilize self-serve options so make sure that your FAQ is updated with questions like
  • Can I use discount codes together?
  • When will my order ship?
  • How long will it take to get my items?
You can also repurpose your FAQs to use in your customer service support calls as ‘canned responses’.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Retaining Seasonal Shoppers Retention And Customer Support Fa Qs

FAQs are a great way to answer questions with minimal resources!

A checklist to help you retain your seasonal shoppers

  • Create a follow-up email sequence
    • Tip: Try segmenting customers based on things like average order value, location, or items purchased.
    • Tools to use (depending on your store size) —
      • Omnisend
      • MailChimp
      • Klayvio
      • Kit (by Shopify)
  • Set up a loyalty program
    • Ask for user-generated content in exchange for points
    • Don’t forget to follow up after the holiday season reminding them of points they have
  • Start thinking about your unboxing experience
    • Add a personal touch or tell your story
  • Choose your customer communication channels
    • Depending on your store size, pick one or two channels to take customer questions
  • Update your FAQ
    • Prepare canned (but on brand) responses for questions like “Where is my order?” “How do I make a return?” and “What promotions are there?”

Download and print the Retaining Seasonal Shoppers checklist

Black Friday Cyber Monday Retaining Seasonal Shoppers Checklist1 2

Black Friday Cyber Monday Retaining Seasonal Shoppers Checklist2 2

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