Black Friday, Cyber Monday doesn't have to be overwhelming. As long as you have the right information, you can make this BFCM your best yet!

BFCM Tips for Your eCommerce Store: Ad Spend

Klickly and have teamed up to bring you a series of actionable and easy to follow videos and checklists that will help you maximize your sales.! Check out this video to see how you can effectively plan your BFCM ad spend.!

Here are some highlights of what we talked about in the video.

Ad Spend Trends from Yester-Year

Darren and Jameela talked about the trends that were prominent last year including
  1. Brands discovering their focus point
  2. Direct to Consumer continuing to rise
  3. Brands building look-alike audiences early
  4. Non-retailers advertising when retailers weren't
  5. Ad spend increasing over the holidays
For some additional reading on last year's trends, check out this article by eMarketer.

The best ad platforms for each industry/target market

Platforms Bfcm As Spend 

Sometimes eCommerce stores feel like that need to be on all the ad platforms, but this simply isn't true. You have to choose the channel that works best for your industry and target market. Darren and Jameela covered the essential things you need to know about each ad platform and which will work best for your brand during BFCM.

Note: Always know your goal when deciding what ad platform to explore

Facebook & Instagram

  • Instagram has a younger demographic and is great for promoting lifestyle, branding, and imagery
  • Facebook's targeting is unrivaled allowing you to focus more on the product and stretching your dollar
  • Make sure to choose the types of Facebook ads that are right for you.

Google Shopping

  • Great for merchants who need presence but don't have deep pockets
  • Google Shopping recently announced products can be listed on the Shopping tab for free — great for organic reach!
  • Great for products that don't necessarily have brand loyalty or branded search


  • Perfect for direct to consumer (DTC) merchants looking to generate more traffic and sales
  • Run by a data-driven, machine-learning algorithm leveraging the open web (25 million premium sites and destinations)
  • Requires no upfront spend and merchants select own commission
  • Focus your commission on different parts of the buyers' journey

How to lower your Black Friday Cyber Monday CPA

Darren and Jameela also covered some tips that you can use to lower the cost per acquisition for BFCM

Lower Ad Spend Black Friday Cyber Monday

1. Use look-alike audiences

  • Utilize your email list on Facebook, Google, etc
  • Focus on the outliers and create more lookalikes based on those outliers
  • Expand to new channels to begin refining your look-alikes

2. Utilize killer creative

  • Make sure your creative is not stale (don't reuse the same creative from last year and just add 2020 on it!)
  • A/B test and make sure the creative leaves a positive reaction

3. Focus on performance marketing

  • Look into Klickly to take advantage of a strategy that doesn't have a high upfront spend
  • Maximize your cash flow by only paying when you make sales
  • Get a platform that aligns with your goals

A checklist to prepare your Black Friday Cyber Monday ad spend

  1. Narrow down your core message — Is your message cohesive across your various marketing channels?
  2. Finetune your creative — Look at the successful aspects of previous aspects and replicate them.
  3. Explore other channels early — Plug into free marketplaces providing additional exposure.
  4. Utilize look-alike audiences — Create high-value customer lists and make lookalike audiences from them.

Download and print the Ad Spend checklist

Black Friday Cyber Monday Checklist Planning Ad Spend 502x650

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